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Ship to Shore: Embarking on a Voyage of Innovation.

This site is an outline created by myself and Prof. Noah Shibley to create a waterborne hackerspace check out the site for more info.


The Earth is a unique place, a fragile blue marble floating through the vast desert of space supporting life with possibly the most valuable substance in the Universe, liquid water. This blog is the first step in a bold new vision of how to support research of marine environments. Our goal is to create an ocean going research vessel which is open to many research agendas at once, a party boat versus a charter boat if you will. This is both to reduce the individual cost of going to sea with a research project and to foster shared interests similar to an ocean going “hacker space”. Our reckoning is that so many research agendas go unfulfilled because of the expense of being at sea and this is a way to fix it.

HackerSpace Seoul



My activities as co-Founder and Creative Director at HackerSpace Seoul are ongoing and most productive as far as developing a public art community in Korea. As Creative director I help encourage and focus the public media art projects executed by HackerSpace Seoul and provide an open environment for members and the public to interact and build projects that are both art based and /or commercial in nature.

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