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BBC Radio Interview with Gareth Mitchell with members of  HackerSpace Seoul and our Bio-Photography project



Discussion about the place of hackers in Korea and our Bio-Photogtrapy project, an experiment using bacterial cells transformed with plasmid DNA to “program” the cells to produce a pigment when exposed to certain wavelengths of light. Using an exposure technique similar to traditional black and white photography we produce living photographs.


​​KAIST- ICISTS ( International Conference for the Integration of Science and Technology into Society) 2012 August 9, Daejeon



“Age of Integration”, Speaker and Panel ChairmanI chaired this panel with a sci-fi writer and Art Space NABI gallery owner Soh Yeong Roh.

​​2012 July 7, “Iron Hack 2.0″, Seoul Seogyo Art Center


Iron Hack 2.0 was a repeat of the central idea of Iron Hack 1.0 but the “secret ingredient” was zip ties.


​​2012 July 4, Seoul, Art Center Nabi, Creators Project, “Free Culture: What the age of the mash-up means for creative’s”.


I was invited to participate in a panel addressing how digital freedom and culture affects creative individuals and groups.


​​2012 May 24, Seoul, Hanyang University, “Physical Computing for Public Art” Lecture


I was invited by Hanyang University to lecture on interactive technology and how to incorporate technology into public media works. In particular I addressed using microcontrollers and sensors to create novel and surprising experiences as people go through their every day lives. I introduced work from the group Fun Theory and explained how Astro-Beat a MIDI sound busy box functioned.


2011 December 10, IRON HACK 1.0, Platoon Kunsthalle, Seoul 


Iron Hack is a design contest influenced by the TV program Iron Chef, internationally well known cooking competition. Participants/Contestants are presented with an abundance of material “secret Ingredient” with which they have 2 hours to hack into something either useable or interesting in its own way. Jury members will decide the final Iron hackers and small awards will be given for the best hacks. The secret ingredient for Iron Hack 1.0 was plastic tape.

Published Articles and Interviews 

2013 “Hacking in Seoul,” Click, BBC World Service, Feb.19 2013

2012 “HackerSpace Seoul Founders Interview,” Eloquence Magazine, May

2012: p. 30-32 2010 “The Evening Show,” Radio Interview TBSeFM, Seoul, South Korea.

2005 “Copy Your Vinyl.” Make Magazine, July 2005: p.124-126.

2004 “Patty: Mobile Meat on a Leash.” Servo Magazine, January 2004: p. 66-67.



Papers and Talks

2012 KAIST- ICISTS “Age of Integration”, Speaker and Panel Chairman, Daejeon, South Korea

2012 Korean Society of Basic Design & Art, “Secret Garden a Living Wearable” San Jose, California

2012 Art Center Nabi, Creators Project, Artist Talk, “Free Culture: What the age of the mash-up means for creatives”, Seoul, South Korea



Guest Lectures

2012 Hanyang University, guest lecturer, Seoul, South Korea

2010 “Beyond Language” panel member, Hongik University Media Art Department and Tokyo Polytechnic University Seoul, South Korea

2010 Special Presenter, “Convergence of Art and Technology” Hongik University Department of Information Technology Jochiwon, South Korea

2010 짜 릿 한 전 기 파 티 Electrifying PartyLead Presenter: Physical Computing and Hacking Workshop Seoul, South Korea

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